We have extensive experience working and training dogs, hosting socialization sessions and classes for young puppies, as well as for the rescue pups that did not get an opportunity to learn and socialize with humans and other dogs while growing up. 

We know that grooming can be overwhelming for our vulnerable pooches. We strive to create a stress free environment, build a lasting relationship and establish trust with your dog, and have a one-on-one experience while getting your baby pampered.

Our state of the art mobile grooming van will come to you to provide a one of a kind spa experience for your special pup.

Lush Pups Mobile Spa is a self-sufficient dog salon on wheels. It has been professionally built for dog grooming and does not require access to any of your home utilities. Our mobile spa has temperature controlled running water, air conditioning, heat, grooming tables, bath tub, high velocity variable speed hair dryer and many other grooming tools and products of the highest quality. It is one of the first 50 green-energy grooming vans in the country, in which all the tools are powered by high-capacity batteries and solar panels. There is no generator, which eliminates unnecessary noise, smell and pollution. 

Here, a spa experience for your pup is a one-on-one uninterrupted service with a groomer. From the time of check in, to the time of check out, your pup receives all of our undivided attention, without distractions, other dogs present, crate time and waiting periods. In our spa your pup can always expect a clean, and calm environment to relax and enjoy the process as much as possible.